Finance Division, Ministry of Finance Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 26th July 2020

Monthly Fiscal Macro Update

Fiscal year 2019-20
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March mfmu_March_20.pdf
February mfmu_February_20.pdf
January mfmu_January_20.pdf
December mfmu_December_19.pdf
November mfmu_November_19.pdf
October mfmu_October_19.pdf
September mfmu_September_19.pdf
August  mfmu_August_19.pdf
July mfmu_July_19.pdf


Fiscal year 2018-19
Months View / Download
June mfmu_June_19.pdf
May mfmu_May_19.pdf
April mfmu_april_19.pdf
March mfmu_march_19.pdf
February mfmu_Feb_19.pdf
January mfmu_Jan_19.pdf
December mfmu_Dec_18.pdf
November mfmu_Nov_18.pdf
October mfmu_Oct_18.pdf
September mfmu_Sep_18.pdf
August mfmu_August_18.pdf
July mfmu_July_18.pdf


Fiscal year 2017-18
Months View / Download
June mfmu_June_18.pdf
May mfmu_May_18.pdf
April mfmu_April_18.pdf
March mfmu_March_18.pdf
February mfmu_February_18.pdf
January mfmu_January_17.pdf
December mfmu_December_17.pdf
November mfmu_November_17.pdf
October mfmu_October_17.pdf
September mfmu_September_17.pdf
August mfmu_August_17.pdf
July mfmu_July_17.pdf


Fiscal year 2016-17
Months View / Download
June mfmu_June_17.pdf
May mfmu_May_17.pdf
April mfmu_April_17.pdf
March mfmu_March_17.pdf
February mfmu_February_17.pdf
January mfmu_January_17.pdf
December mfmu_December_16.pdf
November mfmu_November_16.pdf
October mfmu_October_16.pdf
September mfmu_September_16.pdf
August mfmu_August_16.pdf
July mfmu_July_16.pdf
Fiscal year 2015-16
Months View / Download
June mfmu_June_16.pdf
May mfmu_May_16.pdf
April mfmu_April_16.pdf
March mfmu_March_16.pdf
February mfmu_February_16.pdf
January mfmu_January_16.pdf
December mfmu_December_15.pdf
November mfmu_November_15.pdf
October mfmu_October_15.pdf
September mfmu_September_15.pdf
August mfmu_August_15.pdf
July mfmu_July_15_final.pdf
Fiscal year 2014-15
Months View / Download
June mfmu_June_15.pdf
May mfmu_May_15.pdf
April mfmu_April_15.pdf
March mfmu_March_15.pdf
February mfmu_February_15.pdf
January mfmu_January_15.pdf
December mfmu_December_14.pdf
November mfmu_November_14.pdf
October mfmu_October_14.pdf
September mfmu_september_14.pdf
August mfmu_august_14.pdf
July mfmu_july_14.pdf
Fiscal year 2013-14
Months View / Download
June mfmu_june_14.pdf
May mfmu_may_14.pdf
April mfmu_april_14.pdf
March mfmu_march_14.pdf
February mfmu_february_14.pdf
January mfmu_january_14.pdf
December mfmu_december_13.pdf
November mfmu_november_13.pdf
October mfmu_october_13.pdf
September mfmu_september_13.pdf
August mfmu_august_13.pdf
July mfmu_july_13.pdf
Fiscal year 2012-13
Months View / Download
June mfmu_june_13.pdf
May mfmu_may_13.pdf
April mfmu_april_13.pdf
March mfmu_march_13.pdf
February mfmu_february_13.pdf
January mfmu_january_13.pdf
December mfmu_december_12.pdf
November mfmu_november_12.pdf
October mfmu_october_12.pdf
September mfmu_september_12.pdf
August mfmu_august_12.pdf
July mfmu_july_12.pdf
Fiscal year 2011-12
Months View / Download
June mfmu_june_12.pdf
May mfmu_May_12.pdf
April mfmu_April_12.pdf
March mfmu_March_12.pdf
February mfmu_February_12.pdf
January mfmu_January_12.pdf
December mfmu_December_11.pdf
November mfmu_november_11.pdf
October mfmu_october_11.pdf
September mfmu_september_11.pdf
August mfmu_august_11.pdf
July mfmu_july_11.pdf
Fiscal year 2010-11
Months View / Download
May mfmu_may_11.pdf
April mfmu_april_11.pdf
March mfmu_march_11.pdf
February mfmu_february_11.pdf
January mfmu_January_11.pdf
December mfmu_December_10.pdf
September mfmu_september_10.pdf
August mfmu_august_10.pdf
July mfmu_july_10.pdf


Fiscal year 2009-10
Months View / Download
June mfmu_june_10.pdf
May mfmu_may_10.pdf
April mfmu_april_10.pdf
March mfmu_march_10.pdf
February mfmu_february_10.pdf
January mfmu_january_10.pdf
December mfmu_december_09.pdf
November mfmu_november_09.pdf
October mfmu_october_09.pdf
September mfmu_september_09.pdf
August mfmu_August_09.pdf
July mfmu_july_09.pdf


Fiscal year 2008-09
Months View / Download
May mfmu_may_09.pdf
April mfmu_april_09.pdf
March mfmu_march_09.pdf
February mfmu_february_09.pdf
January mfmu_january_09.pdf
December mfmu_december_08.pdf
November mfmu_november_08.pdf
October mfmu_october_08.pdf
September mfmu_september_08.pdf
August mfmu_august_08.pdf
July mfmu_july_08.pdf

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