Finance Division, Ministry of Finance Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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SL No Title Year Category Files
25 Secondary and Higher Education Division 2019-20 MTBF 125_Higher Education_English.pdf 125_Higher Education_English.pdf
26 Ministry of Science and Technology 2019-20 MTBF 126_Science_English.pdf 126_Science_English.pdf
27 Health Services Division 2019-20 MTBF 127_Health Service_English (1).pdf 127_Health Service_English (1).pdf
28 Ministry of Information and Communication Technology 2019-20 MTBF 128_ICT_ English.pdf 128_ICT_ English.pdf
29 Ministry of Social Welfare 2019-20 MTBF 129_Social_English.pdf 129_Social_English.pdf
30 Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs 2019-20 MTBF 130_Women_English.pdf 130_Women_English.pdf
31 Ministry of Labour and Employment 2019-20 MTBF 131_Labour_English.pdf 131_Labour_English.pdf
32 Ministry of Housing and Public Works 2019-20 MTBF 132_Housing_English.pdf 132_Housing_English.pdf
33 Ministry of Information 2019-20 MTBF 133_Information_English.pdf 133_Information_English.pdf
35 Ministry of Religious Affairs 2019-20 MTBF 135_Religious_English.pdf 135_Religious_English.pdf
36 Ministry of Youth and Sports 2019-20 MTBF 136_Youth_English.pdf 136_Youth_English.pdf
37 Local Government Division 2019-20 MTBF 137_LGD_English.pdf 137_LGD_English.pdf
38 Rural Development and Co-operatives Division 2019-20 MTBF 138_Rural_English.pdf 138_Rural_English.pdf
39 Ministry of Industries 2019-20 MTBF 139_Industry_English.pdf 139_Industry_English.pdf
40 Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment 2019-20 MTBF 140_Expatriate_English.pdf 140_Expatriate_English.pdf
41 Ministry of Textiles and Jute 2019-20 MTBF 141_Textiles_English.pdf 141_Textiles_English.pdf
42 Energy and Mineral Resources Division 2019-20 MTBF 142_Energy_English.pdf 142_Energy_English.pdf
43 Ministry of Agriculture 2019-20 MTBF 143_Agriculture_English.pdf 143_Agriculture_English.pdf
44 Ministry of Fiseries and Animal Resource 2019-20 MTBF 144_Fisheries_English.pdf 144_Fisheries_English.pdf
45 Ministry of Environment and Forest 2019-20 MTBF 145_Environment_English.pdf 145_Environment_English.pdf
46 Ministry of Land 2019-20 MTBF 146_Land_English.pdf 146_Land_English.pdf
47 Ministry of Water Resources 2019-20 MTBF 147_Water_English.pdf 147_Water_English.pdf
48 Food Division 2019-20 MTBF 148_Food_English.pdf 148_Food_English.pdf
49 Disaster Management and Relief Division 2019-20 MTBF 149_Disaster_English.pdf 149_Disaster_English.pdf
50 Roads Division 2019-20 MTBF 150_Roads_English.pdf 150_Roads_English.pdf
51 Ministry of Railways 2019-20 MTBF 151_Railway_English.pdf 151_Railway_English.pdf
52 Ministry of Shipping 2019-20 MTBF 152_Shipping_English.pdf 152_Shipping_English.pdf
53 Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism 2019-20 MTBF 153_Civil Aviation_English.pdf 153_Civil Aviation_English.pdf
54 Ministry of Post and Telecommunication 2019-20 MTBF 154_Post_English.pdf 154_Post_English.pdf
55 Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracks Affairs 2019-20 MTBF 155_Hill Tracts_English.pdf 155_Hill Tracts_English.pdf
56 Power Division 2019-20 MTBF 156_Power_English.pdf 156_Power_English.pdf
57 Ministry of Liberation Affairs 2019-20 MTBF 157_Liberation_English.pdf 157_Liberation_English.pdf
58 Anti-Corruption Commission 2019-20 MTBF 158_Anti Corruption_English.pdf 158_Anti Corruption_English.pdf
59 Bridges Division 2019-20 MTBF 159_Bridge_English.pdf 159_Bridge_English.pdf
60 Technical and Madrasah Education Division 2019-20 MTBF 160_Technical Education_English.pdf 160_Technical Education_English.pdf
61 Security Services Division 2019-20 MTBF 161_Security Services_English.pdf 161_Security Services_English.pdf
62 Medical Education and Family Welfare Division 2019-20 MTBF 162_Medical Education_English.pdf 162_Medical Education_English.pdf

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